Jina and Jonathan Wedding


Giggle and Riot had such a great time at Jina and Jonathan’s wedding! It was filled with some really great and fun people! We were so honored to be there! Take a peek at some of the super awesome shots and the great people at this event!


Great way to kick off the night! A group shot! So great everyone looks like they are having the best time right? Ah it was so much fun!


Giggle and Riot even has our own DIY made bows and other really great props, backdrops and designs! We love them and they go so well in wedding pictures! So elegant but so fun at the same time!


Oh! Cannot forget about our paddle signs! PLUS this couple just looks super cute right?!


We absolutely love our props and we love the fun that everyone has when they use them! They look super cute and make the pictures pop!


Haha! The funny faced pictures are always awesome to look at! Lets get fancy in the booth guys!


Hey! Look even the great photographers Don and Caroline had some fun in the booth! Make sure you check out Don Doblados and Caroline Winata’s photography websites for some really great wedding, engagement and many more fun photography experiences!


Congrats to the happy and beautiful couple Jina and Jonathan! Giggle and Riot was so happy and honoured to be at your wedding! It was so much fun! And the whole crew was there! Giggle & Riot AND Milou and Olin AND Don Doblados! It was really amazing! Everyone rocked the booth and the pictures turned out so great! We wish you all the best of luck and all the happiness in the world!



And to finish off the lovely collection of awesome pictures, here is a lovely picture of Jina and Jonathan and some great guests at there wedding!!!!!!!

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