Giggle & Riot Photo Graphics!


Welcome to Giggle & Riot, taking a look below we have a few lovely graphic design templates that you can pick and choose for your next Photo Booth event!


These templates are quite lovely, simply elegant and beautiful, when you hire Giggle & Riot Funbooths for your event, everyone who takes pictures inside the booth gets to take a copy of their pictures home! Fun right?


With these templates you can have them printed out onto your pictures! Kinda like your own personalized stamp!


These are a few samples that can be used on your photos! We also have custom graphics with your ideas and designs!



We like to make these designs to match your interests and your event theme to the best of our ability!




These Themes are super cute and are great to make your event photos stand out!



Looking for your next Funbooth experience! Check out Giggle & Riot, and give us call or send us an email so we can make your photo booth event a success!

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