Youth Empowerment Fund


Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls to the Youth Empowerment event with Giggle and Riot! We were so happy to be working with the young and powerful kids! Take a look at the amazing kids in these super awesome pictures!


Haha, the theme was super heroes and nerdyness! I Think this totally works out in their favour! Those huge glasses are super fun! The spiderman mask is the best one yet! Right?! These guys totally rock!


Woohoo these girls really know how to let it out! Its so awesome and amazing to and friends and loved ones come together in the booth and make so many fun and exciting memories! We love being able to capture those moments too. Thanks to all the happy, totally cool and awesome people!! Who took some really great pictures inside the booth!


Can not forget about the loved ones and family am I right? I think it totally works with those boxing gloves, for sure shows who is going to be on top in the future!


Boom, Boom, Pow!!!! You go girl, show them who’s boss! These kids totally rock and kick butt!


The signs may say Hot Mess and Party Animal but we know these kids are super cool and gonna make a huge difference one day!


Living life on the edge my friends! Super super slick I see, better be careful mate! Haha

Thank you to the Youth Empowerment Committee for having us at your event, we were more than happy to be apart of this amazing celebration! Congratulations to all the youth who are and will continue to be involved. All the best of luck and many wishes to the youth, Giggle & Riot had an amazing time! We hope you had just as much fun as we did. Rock on!

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