Taste of the little City- Safetyville


We had a rockin time with the at the Safetyville event! Everyone was so much fun and exciting!


The pictures were so great to look at afterwards and see all the fun people had at the event. We were so happy that everyone had the best time inside the booth. Giggle and Riot would like to thank everyone for making everything a success!

Got to love these amazing smiles! They really bring out the best in all of the lovely people and in the photos


The best funny faces of the night! Making some sneaky moves there guys haha! Love the smiles and silly faces, these always make the photo results the best and the brightest!


STOP! And smile for the camera! Haha thanks for rocking the booth with great poses, smiles and actions!



Thanks two everyone who grabbed a friend or friends and got into the booth to take some really fun and exhilarating shots! We had a total blast and these pictures prove that the guests had just as much fun as we did! We were so honored to be apart of it, and enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people! We hope you and your guests were thrilled with the photos and the experience.

Safety Center provides important safety education for children, teens and adults to keep them safe in the community, on the road and on the job. We need your help in supporting these valuable programs. Philanthropic support will allow us to continue offering safety leadership training and education programs at affordable rates with top-quality instructors and materials.


Safety Center is a 501(c)3 organization founded in 1934 whose mission is to reduce injuries and save lives by empowering our community to make positive life changing decisions. We accomplish this mission by promoting lifelong safety and health through a variety of community and professional programs.



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