Team Member

Caroline “Giggle” Winata

She wants a baby pygmy hippo or a mini pot bellied pig named “Pancetta” and a farm of animals that she can train. Enough said. This happy Instagram obsessed, foodie, hip wedding photographer digs design, will never eat a cute animal, and has two Portuguese Water Dogs with their very own Facebook page and cult following. And she’s also a boudoir photographer promoting and embracing self love fearlessly. That’s how she rocks it out when she’s not on the dance floor busting a righteous move or solving the game on her Xbox. Armed with a keen eye for design and impeccable aesthetics, she is the visual and marketing maven behind the biz. FYI, Milou is the love of her life and Mayhem is pretty darn cute! She also will accept bribes in the form of gluten free vegan desserts!