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Autumn “Sales Ninja” Sky

Meet Autumn, Giggle And Riot’s Sales Ninja! She moved over 12 times before settling in Sacramento and joined G&R in May of 2015 as professional-life-of-the-party booth attendant. She loves her Australian Shepard and Queensland Heeler, Bjorn and Huey Lewis, more than anything,, although mangoes, never ending cups of green tea, dark chocolate and new pens come pretty close! She has been involved in all aspects of performing arts since she was little, having her artwork in shows and fundraisers since she was 8, competing as a Scottish Highland Dancer at 11 and performing as a singer/songwriter since she 15 all the way up until today! She’s the oldest sister of seven children, so the exciting festivities of Giggle And Riot events make her feel right at home. Give G&R a call or e-mail, and her voice will likely be the first to greet you!