Stephania’s Testimonial


Just attended Yelp’s Farm to Handle event (congrats to Yelp! what a wonderful event)
One of the things that stood out was Giggle and Riot’s fabulous booth. Hard to ignore the long line of happy people posing…and with the coolest props. Not your run-of-the mill photo booth, for sure.

They even had a second booth- the company is run by the dynamic duo of Caroline and Josh (not sure who is Giggle, and who is Riot- hard to say, if you meet them..)

Just saw the booth at the Crocker’s French ArtMix, too- these people are everywhere!
And with good reason, too- not sure what could be more awesome at an event than a photo booth. Same great concept, lovely owners and staff- but with a different colorful backdrop. Read they do custom work tailored for each event.

…and the photos? They come out amazing. Printed or Social Media. Bravo, G & R….