Bat Mitzvah Photo Booth

Jew-ish you were this cool! Happy Bat Mitzvah!

Planning your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah party comes with no greater joy than to see all the happiness that will place. After talking to Sophie’s mother, we just knew this was going to be such a special celebration and wanted to make it memorable for everyone. Giggle and Riot was able to play a part in this birthday party not only with a fun Bat Mitzvah photo booth, but also a custom-made graffiti backdrop wall.

Our very own Caroline “Giggle” Winata was given the theme and color pallet and ran with the vision. That’s right! She ran for the whole day, with no water breaks!!! Well… maybe not like that, LOL, but Caroline did catch the idea of making it super special. She designed a personalized graffiti backdrop wall where the guest were able to write their wishes for the birthday girl. How amazing right?! The BEST and BIGGEST guest book EVER!!!

Sophie’s Bat Mitzvah party took place at the beautiful Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park. This luxury hotel was inspired by its location in Northern California and offers a resort-like atmosphere for business and leisure. The hotel’s design, art collection and restaurants celebrate the culture and traditions of the region. What a perfect place to celebrate a Bat Mitzvah. Good ol’ Menlo Park.

Let’s take a glance at what happened that night in Menlo Park!

The guest absolutely loved the graffiti backdrop wall and of course the Bat Mitzvah photo booth. The conversation bubbles were all completely filled up by the end of the night. It was definitely a big hit!

All in all, no one loved the Bat Mitzvah photo booth and  graffiti backdrop wall more than the birthday girl of the night, Sophie. After seeing how the Bat Mitzvah photo booth and graffiti backdrop wall lit up Sophie’s face, we knew Caroline and our wonderful team did an amazing job!



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