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Virtual Photo Booths: The Future of Fun!

Feb 24, 2023

Virtual Photo Booths: The Future of Fun! 

Picture this— you’re at a wedding reception, the dance floor is packed and people are having a blast! But all of that fun needs to be captured, right? Sure, there might be some photographers in the mix but how often can they actually get to everyone? Enter a Giggle and Riot Virtual Photo Booth! With a virtual booth, you can turn your guests’ phones into an interactive experience that’s fun and easy to use. It’s all the same fun that our on-site photo booths bring – just virtual! Plus, you don’t have to worry about anyone missing out—a virtual photo booth gives everyone near and far access to join the fun! So if you’re considering something different for your next event – take a look at why a Giggle and Riot virtual photo booth should definitely be on your list!

Guests using a virtual photo booth at a wedding

How It Works 

Using a virtual photo booth is easy! All your guests need is a computer or smartphone and they are ready to go. Guests will start by using the link or QR code provided to go to your event’s customized landing page. Guests can take their photo, customize them with different filters, frames, and props specially designed to match your event’s theme or aesthetic. They’ll be able to take unlimited pictures and after they’re done, they can share it with everyone else at the event. Your guests will love how simple it is to use and how quickly they can share their photos!

Fun Features for Everyone 

A virtual photo booth allows people from all over the world to join in on the fun! No matter where someone is located, as long as they have an internet connection they can participate in the event. There are tons of different features available so everyone will be able to customize their photos exactly how they want them. Features include adding text or digital props as well as customizing backgrounds and borders for each photo. Designed by our graphics team, they will be completely in sync with the aesthetics of your event. Have a special graphic of your own? Perfect! We can integrate that into your virtual booth design for that extra personal touch.

Share Your Photos Instantly 

With a virtual photo booth, you can instantly share your photos! After creating their masterpiece, your guests’ images will be put into an event gallery. That’s right, the days of exchanging phone numbers or email to share your photos are long gone! The gallery is visible to any guest who has the QR code or link that is associated with your event. We provide your code and link a few days before your event as well so you have plenty of time to email or text it to anyone that is unable to attend. Plus, if you want extra exposure for your photos you can even post them directly onto Instagram or Facebook. Simply download your photo when its finished and its ready to go.

image of woman using a virtual photo booth with custom frame, digital props and backdrop

All For Fun and Fun For All!

Virtual Photo Booths are an amazing way to capture special moments from all events! Not only are they incredibly easy to use but they also provide tons of fun personalization. With the simplicity of sharing on social media and easy access to your event, you can be sure no one will miss out on the action. If you’re looking for an interactive way to document memories at your next special occasion, consider using a Giggle and Riot virtual photo booth—your guests will love it! Want more info? Check out our guides and FAQ’s  for some extra tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your virtual booth. As always we are just a phone call away as well!

Go For a Test Drive! 

It’s quick, easy and oh so fun! Use the QR code below to sample a virtual photo booth for yourself. 

QR code to sample Virtual Photo Booth

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