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I mean, have you seen our set ups? Want a Gatsby look, trendy tropical or garden wonderland backdrop? We got that! Want something glittery and fun, we got that too! Or maybe a flower wall or a neon sign? We got you, boo! Whatever your wedding theme is, we got ya! We can even take it up a notch and pick a theme that will be super fun for the Mr. and his boys! Football, Star Wars, GOT, Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, ya we get it!

Or maybe you want a booth that does videos like Boomerang, or a GIF booth? Yea, we got that! Or a booth that comes ready to smooth your skin and make you oh so FINE! Let's bring out our bullet time booth and put you and the guys in the Matrix! Trust us, we'll make your wedding look good!

make it a funtastic

You have worked so hard on your wedding, every single detail and right down to the colors and flowers. So why not have a photo booth that will compliment the whole experience. We are known for our customization capabilities, and we will make it all pretty as well as fun! Totally our thing.

Our Funtastic Line white glove service ensures the most unique and exciting experience for your wedding. What’s more, we provide everything from A to Z, so you can fully focus on your special day. We look forward to exceeding your (very high) expectations (because we have them, too).

get me a funtastic

super fun memories

It’s all about you, so we focus on creating uber fun experiences for you. It gets better, as a part of the experience, you walk away with prints of the most fun photos of the night. Can we say, blackmail material? That's a great memory right there! Trust your booth to be the entertainment of the night. As the night gets wilder, so will the booth, and that means your photos will be rad AF. 

make it hybrid

Add a virtual photo booth for your international and socially distanced guests to provide a complete hybrid experience. Guests and families from all over the world will be able to join in your celebrations. Trust our team to apply our innovative techniques to your soiree. Take your wedding into 2021 and make it hybrid baby!

Let's make your event unique shall we? We have many different booth types to choose from and each can be customized a bajillion ways! Choose the one that looks right for you and let's go on to the next step.

1st Step: Choose Your Booth

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Wohooo this is getting more fun, Themes! Now let's make your funbooth look even better! We have so many different themes to choose from and we will will bring a slew of curated props. After that, we jump on to the next step.

2nd Step: Choose Your Theme

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I mean have you seen our backdrops? We have over 100 backdrops you can choose from to make your funbooth super fun and come to life! Choose the one you want and you're almost there!

3rd Step: Choose Your Backdrop

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Wohooo this is the fun part. Add a fun add on to make your funbooth oh so special. Maybe a custom backdrop or a fun GIF overlay? Or a guestbook for sweet notes? We have fun add on to choose from! The possibilities are endless!

4th Step: Choose Your Add on

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customize it!

let's get started

Our Funbooth & party experts are ready and waiting to bring your event to the next level. Let's brainstorm together to create the custom photo booth experience of your dreams!

Ready to rock your event?

Touchless funbooths

Did ya hear?  We have touchless funbooths? It's pretty nifty, you guys! Our funbooths don't require you to touch the equipment at all to start your funbooth experience. All we need for you to do is enter your info on your phone, and we are good to go! It's pretty slick right? We are committed to innovation and your safety. Here at Giggle and Riot Funbooth, we are constantly improving our services to make sure we bring you the most fun and safest funbooths possible. 

Get in touch right away and let us customize a Funbooth of your dreams! 
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Add a snazzy Giggle and Riot Funbooths and your party will be oh so funtabulous! 

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Smile, you sexy hunks, divas, hams and camera fans!  We bring you awesome party pictures in a snap, because you deserve it baby!

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