The "What"

Funtastic = interactive, innovative, unique, fun and all around awesome – and we’re here to blow your mind. Each of our funbooths is a completely funtastic custom and experiential solution perfectly tailored for your event through an innovative installation and creative design. Photo marketing is our jam!

Every one of our Funtastic Label projects is a completely bespoke – built from the ground up – to reflect the needs of our clients. Want a wedding funbooth that’ll be the talk of the year? Let's do it! Got a Corporate event that needs to knock socks off? We’ve got your back, boo! 

Our unique, custom experiences start at $5000. Pricing depends on activation, style, and fabrication.

The "Why"

Our passion is fun. That’s why we have funbooths – not just a boring, old photo booth. It's 2019, and our aim is to create unique interactive experiences and unique photo marketing solutions no one has ever witnessed before. 

We love making jaws drop. We also love working with clients who put our brains to the test and who push us to challenge ourselves. Instead of the same old boring photo booths, we plan to curl your toes, send tingles down your spine, and make you squeal. Come on – let us show you what we’ve got!

“Working with Giggle & Riot was the best thing we’ve ever done.”

This is a top notch company! Easy to work with and will definitely use them again! 5 STARS!!!!

our clients say

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- Michelle C

How To Begin?

You: Need a creative solution for your event. 
We: Listen, think, conceptualize, and build – all while working closely with you. 

From start to finish, we produce amazing and creatively designed funbooth experiences. We love a challenge, so let’s work together to achieve a creative solution to make your event uniquely you. We never stop innovating, so never stop dreaming.



Let's  jump on the phone and get to know each other. We want to know all about you and your event! The more we know about you, the more we can come up with the perfect solution for your event, whether it be a brand launch, an event to collect more emails for your database or just a fun celebration. You tell us what you need and we will build the right activation for you and make it super fun! That is our specialty after all!

This is when the creatives and engineers at Giggle & Riot sit together, go through a mountain of donuts and La Croix and come up with something wicked cool. We will be drawing in from all sources and inspiration to create a completely bespoke activation that is sure to provide an amazing experience for your guests and will take care of your brand's needs.


This is when we draw up our visuals, make our storyboards and pitch our ideas to you. Yup, our in house designers will even draw out visuals just for your team so it's easier to visualize and understand. That's the beauty of having in house designers! Not only do we make it easy for you, our designers are also skilled in creating a custom visual solution for you.  We have years of experience pitching ideas to brands and clients, so have no fear!


Let's jump back on the phone or in person to talk about our proposed idea. We love your feedback, so let's hear it! We will go back and rework our activation designs until it is the perfect solution for you! We love having great communication with our clients so you can trust us every step of the way! Once you love your activation design, we are a go and will deliver an online contract and go from there!


This is when we get busy in our studio! We will take care of all build and fabrication, we will make sure your activation will be impeccably constructed and aesthetically perfect. We handle all our build in house, it's convenient for all our clients and allows them to trust that all activations meet our standards and quality criteria. From laser cutters, to CNC routers, custom UV and vinyl printing, and even sewing and metal fabrication, we got this!


On install day, we will rock this and make sure that your activation install is rock solid and smooth from A - Z. The Giggle & Riot team will be taking care of the install ourselves, while our clients can focus on their event.  Event execution will be a breeze, we have everything prepared and in place. Giggle & Riot Champions will be on hand to make sure your guests have a fabulous and fun time with your custom activation. We will take care of everything so you don't need to!



Once the event is all over, we sit back down for a brief phone call so that we can get all your feedback. It's important to us to know we rocked your socks! Let's review the event and chat about how successful it was for your brand as well as discuss your next custom activation.

Convinced that Funtastic is the right solution for you? Then let's chat about your needs right away, we can't wait to design one for you!


We start from the very beginning with a phone call interview with you before we move on to our design team. We cover all the bases, from A to Z and consider all the important factors to make your event successful. We want to make sure we dot all our i's and cross our t's to produce an amazing experiential solution tailored to your event.

1. Basic Initial Interview

2. Design team review

3. Concept proposal

4. Consultation

5. Build & fabrication

6. Installation & execution

7. After event wrap up

The Process








Basic initial interview

Design team review

Concept proposal


Project build & fabrication

Execution & experiential installation

After the event wrap up  

The Process

This is how we do it... We start from the very beginning with a phone call interview with you before we move on to our design team. We cover all the bases, from A to Z and consider all the important factors to make your event successful. We want to make sure we dot all our i's and cross our t's to produce an amazing experiential solution tailored to your event.

This Is The Best Thing You Have Been Searching For

Photo marketing is our jam meets dynamic creative interactivity

Case Studies

Look ma, happy clients! Here are some of our favorite recent Funtastic activations! 

Funtastic Case Studies

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