Frequently Asked Questions

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can i keep my photos private?

Of course, we respect your rights to your photos! All you have to do is tell us you want them private and suddenly your black mail worthy photos will not be available for anyone to see! Poof!

Do you offer special pricing for non profit and school events?

Yes we do! The best way to find out what we can do for you is to contact us right away. A third of our business is with non profits and schools and we would love to keep it that way!

can i get custom props?

Yes, you can! We have loads of props to choose from, but we can create custom ones specifically for your event, too!

can i get a custom backdrop?

Absofreakinglutely! That's our specialty! Have you seen what we got? We will help you right from the start! Just send us an email or call us, and we will help you with the whole process!

Do you have customer testimonials?

Yes! Have you seen all our crazy good Yelp Reviews? They say we are pretty damn good!

what is a super booth?

A photo booth with 5 cameras. Can it seriously get better than that? 5 photographs all at one time, you just have to check it out. I mean, it's just super!

what is the slo mo booth?

7 seconds turned into 21 seconds. Super cool right? Suddenly every thing is so super slow and man, people's faces look funny that slowed down! Confetti and balloons take on a new meaning!

What is the GIF Booth?

Step right in front of the Gif Booth, post for 3 photos and ta dah! You'll get an animated gif of your photos that you can share on social media! It's super fun and you'll look like a little stop motion video. How cool is that?

Why is Giggle and Riot more awesome than the rest!

Cuz' we strive to be baby, and it shows! We know our booths are not for everyone. People who love our booths are usually stylish and chic and recognize that they deserve a booth that is more fun and more snazzy. Frankly, our clients know they deserve the best. Our colors, photos and prints are much better quality and our printer prints them out lightning fast! Our props are custom picked to match your event and we are always on the hunt for new ones. And we pride ourselves on having the best and most varied backdrops to compliment your event and make it more fun. We might cost a little more than your average booth but then again, we are far from average. We are different from the rest and if we dare say, one of the best booths out there!

will i be able to see myself when i take the photo?

You will get a live preview, you check for spinach in your teeth and crazy nostril hair!

what do i need to provide?

10x10x10 shaded space and electricity are pretty much perfect. We’ll bring our own extension cord.

I hear you do hashtag prints too?

Yup, that’s how we roll! #giggleandriot

What!? you do flipbooks as well?

Absolutely! Just contact us!

Do you have lights?

Yes! We illuminate the set so you can dazzle and be dazzled! Shine on!

How many prints do I get?

Generally up to three 4x6 or six 2x6 strips per session, but depends on your package. You can totally rock unlimited prints for an additional cost.

Do you also do video?

We do! It’s like so 2014! We can even pull off slow motion!

Can I get a print of my photo?

Heck to the yes! What’s the point otherwise?!

How many people can you fit?

Since the booth is open air style, there’s no need to treat the booth like a clown car. That is, unless you like clowns. Our record so far is 32 people!

How many photos can I take?

Millions! Okay, as many as you’d like.

How does the booth take my photo?

Just tap the screen and strike a pose!

Do you include an attendant?

Absolutely! But we call them Funbooth Champions. They're available to bring the magic for the entire event, from set up until we roll up the set.

Who takes my Photo?

The camera does. And Mr. Pointer Finger. You simply prepare for your shot, and the camera is ready when you are.

Why do your photos look so good?

Right? Superior lights, radtastic backdrops and out of this world props make you look oh so smashing! Also our specially trained attendants are well equipped to turn up the fun factor and make you look oh so good in your booth! People love our booths so much they want to buy one for their homes!

How much space do you need?

Ideally we like at least a 10x10x8 space, please make sure we have access to dedicated electricity within 15-20 feet and level ground.

Can you set up outdoors?

Yes, we can provide a canopy for extra cost but we ask that you please don't make us work in the rain – our equipment gets sad when it's wet! Otherwise, please be sure we have consistent shade, access to dedicated electricity within 15-20 feet and level ground. We really don't like direct sunlight since the equipment may overheat!

How can I ensure that my booth is a hit?

Tell people that you will have a photo booth at the event, prep them to have fun! It's all about the hype right? Place the photo booth in a high traffic area, typically near where the drinks are, but please keep us away from dark, lonely corners! We would also love it if we were away from the speakers and the DJ so your guests can interact with our champions without having to spoil the fun!

Do you cost more than other booths?

Some booths yes, but baby, we are oh so worth it! The best and widest collection of backdrops, amazing photo & light quality, top notch customer service before and after your event and ever lasting love and photo booth cheesiness. That are just some of the goodies you get with us but don't stop us there. Our amazing Yelp reviews and customer testimonials prove just how much we love to serve our clients, go above and beyond and bring our A game to every event. We love to customize every single event for you, so you will never have the same old boring props as another event, it's all about you baby and you're the star!

Why don’t you have enclosed booths?

We have all open air booths because we get to fit more people that way! Our record is 32 people, beat that! Typically, in a traditional enclosed booth, a bride with a wedding dress can only fit 1 or 2 more people in it with her. Also, having an open booth like ours means way more interesting backdrops that we can customize for your party. Open booths also means that guests' clothes stay on (trust us on this!) and everything stays relatively PG 13. Lastly, open air booths mean open entertainment for your other guests! Guests are free to photo bomb as much as they want, which is an art in itself. This encourages other guests to join in on the fun. And really, if you do want privacy, we do have the option of enclosing our booths with privacy curtains!

This is awesome!

Right?! We agree! And we want to share it with the world!!

Where are you based?

Right now, Sacramento and San Francisco but we’re also jazzing up the San Jose, Napa, Sonoma and Lake Tahoe areas. Oh yes, we easily travel within Northern California!

Will you guys have dinner with me?

Are there sporks involved? P.S: Caroline really loves dessert and is easily bribed with pastries!

How do I book you guys?

Email or call us. Hurry up because we book fast and we hate seeing you have a case of the sad's. For your convenience, we do everything online because it’s so fabulously green.

Do you offer extra special service?

As long as we don’t get arrested!

What makes this awesome for my corporate event?

Email capture of your guests baby! Not to mention customized newsletters and emails. Imagine the endless mailing list and marketing possibilities! We also do custom graphics and branding!

Do you have insurance?

You bet! We want to make sure everyone is covered with more than the dazzling glow of our lights!

What can I do in the booth?

As long as no one gets naked, we won’t have to shield our eyes!

Do you come early to set up?

Absolutely. The hours we provide doesn’t include set-up and take down. We arrive early to set up and we will clean up after ourselves. We’re just that nifty.

Do I have to bring props?

We bring props, but you’re welcome to bring your own shenanigans-inducing haberdasheries.

I can seriously upload my photo on Social Media?

Yup, yup! Just choose the digital upload add-on or grab a package that includes it already!

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