innovative solutions for corporate events

More than just a photo booth, we work with companies, agencies, and brands just like yours to provide a creative solution that stimulates user engagement and increases brand awareness.

In addition to being super fun (and awesome), we offer:
● Top of the line equipment
● Innovative techniques
● Incredible experiential design
● Digital upload and data capture
● Environments where your brand is the main attraction
● Large custom printed backdrops and graphic overlays to help your brand cut through the noise and stand out

In fact, our capabilities ensure we’re among the top photo booth companies in the Northern Bay Area.


Totally our thing, when it comes to building an interactive installation and making an absolutely sensational booth, we are pro's! Truly, the sky is the limit as far as what we can do for you! In fact, our Funtastic line was created just for this!

Our Funtastic Line white glove service ensures the most unique and exciting experience for your corporate events. What’s more, we provide everything from A to Z, so you can fully focus on your event and let us take care of the design, staffing, and the rest of the heavy lifting!

We engineer custom photo and video experiences. We look forward to exceeding your (very high) expectations (because we have them, too).

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100% BRanding

It’s all about you, so we create highly shareable content for our clients. What’s more, as a part of the experience, we also provide data capture, analytics, and impressions for your newsletter, presentation, and marketing purposes.

We can completely brand your Funbooth offering up to 100% customization, including:
● Branded backdrops and step and repeats
● Branded photo booths
● Branded graphics
● Branded interface
● Microsites
● Custom made props

data capture

Let's take it one step further. Through the use of our digital upload kiosk, we are able to collect all attendees' email addresses as they input their information for their photo delivery. Use the power of a comprehensive email address list within your exact target demographics, combine this with your existing newsletter and campaigns to create an explosive online presence and marketing stratergy.

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Let us create your custom  photo marketing activation to tell your brand's story

let's get started

Our Funbooth & party experts are ready and waiting to bring your event to the next level. Let's brainstorm together to create the custom photo booth experience of your dreams!

Ready to rock your event?

Touchless funbooths

Did ya hear?  We have touchless funbooths? It's pretty nifty, you guys! Our funbooths don't require you to touch the equipment at all to start your funbooth experience. All we need for you to do is enter your info on your phone, and we are good to go! It's pretty slick right? We are committed to innovation and your safety. Here at Giggle and Riot Funbooth, we are constantly improving our services to make sure we bring you the most fun and safest funbooths possible. 

Case Studies

Look ma, happy clients! Here are some of our favorite recent funbooth activations! Call us up to see how we can rock your next event.

Cool Clients

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Get in touch right away and let us customize a Funbooth of your dreams! 
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Add a snazzy Giggle and Riot Funbooths and your party will be oh so funtabulous! 

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Smile, you sexy hunks, divas, hams and camera fans!  We bring you awesome party pictures in a snap, because you deserve it baby!

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Did you know that we are party specialists? Our sister companies starts with amazing Photographers to custom snazzy DIY Photo Booths and fun Photo Booth Props, we love to be a part of your amazing life party from beginning to end!

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