Candice + Victor


Candice and Victor had an amazing wedding at the Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento. Such a beautiful wedding with blush, gold and navy colors and an elegant style. Candice and Victor approached us to rent their very own photo booth for their Sacramento wedding.


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We love our new blush and white sequin chevron background. We think it is the right combination of elegance and modern, playful and feminine all at once and perfect for a wedding. Our open air photo booth makes it perfect for you to customize your wedding photo booth with the right backdrop to match your wedding theme and colors. This is why we are the premier photo booth rental company in Sacramento.

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The Firehouse Restaurant in Old Sacramento is such a great restaurant. Incidentally, it is also where our very own Morgan got proposed to!

The Firehouse Restaurant is located in historic Old Sacramento along the city’s riverfront, which in the mid-1800s was known as the “gateway to the goldfields.” Prior to the development of the transcontinental railroad, ships filled with dry goods, mining tools, immigrant labor, and visitors stopped at the riverfront on a weekly basis. During its heyday, Old Sacramento was a bustling business community, home to financiers and heads of state.

An inventive approach to intimate dining, The Firehouse Restaurant fuses sophistication with everyday excellence in the heart of Old Sacramento.  Executive Chef Deneb Williams works closely with local farmers, fishers and growers to create superb, fresh and seasonal rotating menus.  Some of the proprietors that we have sourced include Riverdog Farms, North Valley Farms and Rio Botanical in Yolo County.  Please keep in mind that with each menu change we purchase different items that will go in and out of our “local” season, so our growers vary regularly.

Our official opening day in 1960 was a showcase of Victorian art and elaborate antiques all housed within our elegant surroundings. Our restaurant was an immediate success and has since attracted millions of patrons including politicians, diplomats, sports and entertainment celebrities, international business people, tourists, and locals.  As governor, Ronald Reagan held both of his inaugural dinners here, and we’ve hosted every governor of California since.

the best wedding photo booth in sacramento

24 people in our photo booth and counting! They almost broke our record of 26!! Such a cool way to get a family photo at your wedding!

the best photo booth in sacramento

Congratulations Candice and Victor!! We had such a great time at your wedding, everyone was so fun and friendly and we had a blast. Thank you for having us as your photo booth!


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