CPR Record Swap


The CPR event was super fun! Plenty of fun people and their kids got into the booth and took some really fun shots! Take a look below at all the Rock Stars and their kick- butt pictures!


This kid is totally awesome! He for sure knows whats up! We have such a variety and we just got some new super cute stick props! Keep an eye out for em! This Backdrop looks great and we think goes so well with the record/rockstar theme! Take a peek at the other super cool backdrops done by Giggle &  Riot!


The blow up instrument props are so fun to play with and pose with in the booth! And hey? They are instruments so they go really well with the theme! Everyone had such a good time with the fun props! We were so glad that this event was so much fun!

atticus_0020 (2)

Check out these rock stars! We always love to see the guests at the event having so much fun! These are some fun memories that they can take home with them!

atticus_0022 (2)

Haha they look so cute do they not?! Thanks for making the booth so much fun guys!


Awe, got to throw a little bit of love inside the booth! So Adorable! Keeping it short and sweet!



Hey Getting up close and personal there my friend! Well they are having fun and we captured the happiness and the excitement!

Thank you to the coordinators for coming to Giggle and Riot Funbooth Photo Booths to help make your event even more fun than it already was! Everyone had the best time and we were so happy to capture those moments and share them with the rest of the world! We look forward to hosting another event with these great people!


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