Pops in the Park


Giggle and Riot Funbooths loved to work with Pops in the Park, we have done a few events with them and we have been with some amazing people. Thanks to all these amazing people for working with us and making this funbooth amazing! These wonderful and fun photos totally show how awesome everyone was!


The theme of the event is summer fun! We love using our big and bold props to make this theme so much more fun! Our Props are so cute and fun! We have Props starting from little miscellaneous toys to giant DIY stuffed Fruits! All of the guests love these over sized props! Take a look at all of our other super cool and fun props in other blog posts and photo albums!


Awe! We love when kids have just as much, if not more fun inside the booth! They look so cute with their silly faces and having loads of fun with the props! The kids silliness and bright smiles bring some amazing and even more happy faces to the booth!


Haha the duck face never gets old! These lovely ladies look  great do they not? Oh how sweet it is to see the happiness on their faces!


This blow up Giraffe is only one of our many fun and extravagant props you can use inside the booth! Always adds some flare and excitement to the pictures in the funbooth!


The best picture of all! Right? How can this photo not bring a smile to your face! If these are the fun kinds of photo’s you want at your next event, Giggle & Riot is definitely for you!



Haha this is great! Mustaches are totally in! These are great photos full of great fun!


We loved seeing everyone having so much fun inside the booth! Working with the Props in the park coordinators and the guests has been nothing but amazing! We were so honored to be able to be to share the great event! Until Next time!

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