Karen and Greg Wedding


Karen and Greg’s wedding was nothing but beautiful! The Bride and the Groom looked absolutely amazing! And everyone in the pictures looked fabulous too! Here is a lovely sneak peak of the happy couple, their friends and family on this momentous day!


Classy if  I do say so myself! Karen and Gregs wedding was great and everyone looked amazing, these photos are so amazing So fun and SO classy, the Giggle & Riot Mustaches add the perfect touch!


Not only the bride and groom sharing the love! The guests are sharing the love! Truly beautiful!


Giggle & Riot even has its own custom made block words! These super cute block words go so well at weddings! Especially this one! We have so many props that we can match to any and every event! We were so glad that everyone used the props! They looked great and everyone had such a great time, and Giggle and Riot was so happy to be apart of the celebration!


Our custom frames are great! We can match the colour that goes with your theme for your wedding or event of all kinds! We also have so many big and bold pieces for our props! We have frames and bows and glasses and DIY stuffed fruits and vegetables!


Happiness is key and it can not be a wedding without everyone smiling and being happy! As much as we love silly faces and silly photos! Simple elegant and happy photos go a long way!



Haha, moving away from the soft elegant section of the photos! Now we got the kick – but ladies who really know how to make the party pop! Woohoo these ladies are fabulous! You go girls!


So pretty! We love the elegance and Hey! There is our super sized rocking bow!



Congratulations to the happy couple Karen and Greg, Giggle & Riot was so honored to be at your wedding! We had such a great time!

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