Woodland High School Reunion!


No school like the old school. Aside from our lovely and beautiful weddings! Another great series we do are reunions! They are super fun and we love to see old high school mates come together and share old memories! Take a peek at the Woodland High School Reunion!Fun reunions are always great and adding a funbooth only adds to that excitement!


This reunion was so much fun and it was a great pleasure to see everyone come together in the booth to share old memories! The props and cute paddles were a great touch! Check out all the geeks, and nerds and jocks haha! What is your favourite high school memory?


“Are you like boyfriend, girlfriend? Steady dates? Lovers” – John Bender, The Breakfast club. Hey can’t go wrong with old school quotes right! Cute couple too! 😉


Group shot numero 1! Everybody looks so great and happy! Just the way we like it! These guys look like the our group of troublemakers haha!


No matter how many years it has been! Looks as though this friendship has not broken even the littlest!


More high school lovers?! Reunions are great this way! Everyone reconnects and meets the families and loved ones of their old class mates!

Giggle and Riot has some really great shots at reunion events! It is always such a blast working and having fun with all these really great people!


Beautiful ladies! Great picture! The photos from this event turned out amazing and we were so glad everyone had such a great time!

This event was so much fun filled with love and happiness and remembering old memories! There is no better place inside Giggle and Riots funbooth


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