Gerard and Katherine


Whoop Whoop! Another great and fun wedding, Giggle & Riot had a blast! Everyone made the booth fun and everyone looked AMAZING! Congratulations to the happy couple Gerard and Katherine! Thanks for having us at your wedding! take a look below at the lovely pictures from this joyous occasion!


The theme of the wedding funbooth was big, bold and exciting I think these viking hats give off that effect haha!


As always we like to throw in couple of couples shots (haha puny)! So cute! And look at those super cute signs! Except I do not think they need that sign to show their love for each other!


Ah! A sneak at the bride and groom and a friend! Looking totally awesome right! The props were insanely awesome and wild! We love it!


COLOURS, COLOURS, AND MORE COLOURS! The smize and the funky, fun props make this particular photo pop! Haha I do not think that chicken will ever be not popular!


GROUP SHOT! It cannot be Giggle & Riot without the hilarious group shot! We are still looking for the next event to beat our record of how many people you can fit into one shot! Have you heard about Giggle & Riots breaking record! We can fit 26 people inside ONE shot! Well even though this shot does not have 26 people, it is still a really great picture!



Who does not love babies right?! This is such a fun shot!




And the last but definitely not the least picture of the beautiful and happy couple Gerard and Katherine!Katherine looks so gorgeous right! Their wedding was beautiful and elegant and the funbooth was the craziest part! Giggle & Riot had such a great time! All of the guests rocked the booth, and the shots look amazing! We thank everyone for making this event so great! We also wish all the best to this happy couple!

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