Randy and Irina Wedding


Irina and Randy’s Wedding was so much  fun and exciting! Giggle & Riot had such a great time! This beautiful couple had such a great wedding and we loved shooting this event inside the Funbooth!


Woohoo! We are kicking things off with the happy couple! Are they not the most beautiful! We are so happy for this couple! And we were so glad that we could have been there to help capture these special moments with your friends and family!


This is only the first of many fun groups shots! Everyone looked so great!


Haha! Good looking picture right? Check out some of the other cute pictures of kids at this event!


Is this picture super fun or what! All of the photos and I do mean ALL of them, the guests are looking great and having so much fun! We loved being at this event! We heard so many great thins and the photos prove how great the event was1


All the families and friends at this wedding totally rocked this event! It was really great! Our props were great and everyone looked awesome using them!


We love seeing more than just the bride and groom in love inside the booth!


Kids inside the booth are the cutest! Are they not?!



The bride looks so beautiful on her special day!

Thank you, to the beautiful couple Randy and Irina for having Giggle & Riot at your wedding event, we had such a great time and we wish you all the best!


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