Francis and Zhen Wedding


It has been quite some time since our last post! Now we are back and so ready for some more really great events! Keep a look out for our upcoming events!

To kick things off from our long break! Here is a super fun an gorgeous wedding! Take a look at this fun event!

This wedding was filled with so joy and fun! Check out the sweet and lovely couple Zhen and Francis and their amazing funbooth photobooth wedding shots!


The theme was super cute!, lots of hello kitty and cartoon themed props! It was just so much fun and everyone went crazy with the props!


We love our custom frames! And those super sized gloves are super cute and fun! We loved how excited everyone was and how much fun they made the funbooth!


Silly groups shots are always fun cause there is double the people and triple the fun! Which silly face is your favorite? It is amazing to see this many people come together to celebrate bringing two people together! And there is no better way to celebrate it than in a funbooth right?!


Happiness! Haha! These pictures are great! I think this is by far the best event to ever make great use of our props! It was just a great event altogether!


OH! Those duck lips! Fun right?!


The family group shots are fun, everyone looks like they are having such a great time! We were so happy to be there and capture this funny moment!


We absolutely love our group shots, this shot looks great right?!





Congrats to the happy couple Zhen and Francis! Giggle and Riot was so happy to be at your wedding! We met so many great and fun people! Your shots turned out really great! We wish you all the best of love and luck for your bright and happy future!

  1. by Valerie on November 18, 2014  2:19 pm Reply

    I love having a photobooths at weddings! Not only do they provide entertainment for guests, but they also provide sweet mementos from the wedding. Thanks so much for sharing these hilarious photos!

  2. by Kaella Lynn on January 17, 2015  2:34 pm Reply

    Your booth was an absolute hit! Not surprised. Looking forward to another successful event with you guys!

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