When I grow up!



OH MY GOODNESS! This event was so great! When I grow up themed event was so fun, so many families and kids and some specials guests! Check out this amazing event and all of the great people who were there!


This event was fantastic, loads of families and people here to help enjoy this occasion! The event was designed to help and guide young kids onto a good bath! With fun activities and awesome heroes to meet, this will totally help these little cutie pies find a good way in life!


YAY! Our first glimpse at the special guests who were at the event! Velma from Scooby Doo and THE AMAZING SPIDER MAN! That is so awesome! The event was filled with many other role model type characters and other popular tv and cartoon show stars! Great entertainment for the kids and they get to meet their all time favorite heroes and villains haha!


Star wars is totally awesome right! Even our cosplay characters got into the booth for some cool and fun action shots! So much fun to be at this event! Full of laughter and excitement!


The little hopes and dreams of these little kids is amazing! They will one day change the world! When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?



BY Far the best picture! The cosplay characters were such a great idea! The kids absolutely loved it and so did we! The When I Grow Up event was a success! Everything was fun and exciting and everyone had such a fun time inside the booth! Giggle & Riot would like to thank everyone for making this event the most amazing! And how this will benefit the kids! Working with you  was a blast! You all rocked the booth!

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