Red Shoe Crawl


Oh the fun we had at the Red Shoe Crawl Event! Everyone looked so funny in the pictures clowning around! Hope you enjoy some of the awesome shots from Giggle & Riot’s latest events!



The theme of this event was a circus! We have so many props that complete this theme we have clown noses, and rubber chickens and huge boxing gloves and we even a fold up ticket booth! The pictures so much fun and we are so glad that everyone had the best time! Haha the clown noises are super fun!



Hey! Looking pretty good! They look fresh right! We love when our cool guests use our props like our own custom Giggle & Riot Sunglasses!


Haha girls got the power too! Super silly and we LOOVE it! Great shots  guys! We love these fun shots! They always work out so well! And everyone had such a great time doing it too!


Cannot go wrong with kids in the booth! They are always so cute and we love how much fun they have in the booth playing around with the props and being totally awesome!


The fun and loving relationships between kids and their parents and counselors is amazing! We love seeing the loving bonds between these beautiful people!


Wow! 14 people inside this shot! Have you heard about Giggle & Riot’s record! We can fit up to 26 people inside the booth! It is so crazy! We always want to see the competition and figure out many people we can fit inside the booth at one time! That is why Giggle & Riot Funbooth is great! We are open booth which means you can fit more people! More Room FOR LOVE!



Haha Could these guys be anymore cuter?

Thank you to the amazing people who put this event together! Giggle & Riot was so happy and excited to be there to embrace in all the excitement! You guys rocked the booth! We look forward to doing more super fun events soon!

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