Winnie & Michael Wedding


Giggle & Riot just loves to do weddings! We always have a blast and we love meeting new people Winnie and Michael was no different! We had just a great time!



The theme of the wedding was so cute! It was very elegant but had a little pop of flare! The look was amazing in the end! The White Rosette Backdrop works really well with this theme!


GROUP SHOTS! There were so many groups shots at this event! And all of them were amazing! We picked the best ones for you! Thank you to everyone for making Winnie and Michael Wedding so special, beautiful, elegant and fun!


Giggle & Riot had such a great time and all of the guests were so amazing! I think our paddle signs are great and are perfect for weddings they add such a nice and fun touch! And not to mention there is a paddle for everyone for the single guests or the party animal we customize many of our paddles to fit your wedding! And they are super cute!



Congratulations to the happy couple Winnie and Michael, Giggle and Riot Funbooths had such a great time at your wedding! We loved to look over your pictures after the event! They looked great! everyone at the event rocked it! Thank you very much! We send all the best luck to the happy couple!

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