Merryhill Pocket Graduation


This little pocket grad was so much fun! Take a look below at all the little cutesies and munchkins!


Congratulations to all the kids who graduated this year from Merryhill! We were so happy to be apart of the celebration and to be able to capture the happiness! The little ones looked to cute and happy! I think they are ready to take on the world!… Haha maybe not just yet!


We love how much fun the kids and their families had inside the booth! Before you know it these kids will graduate high school! We are so glad these parents are raising such awesome kids! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Haha these kids look totally awesome do they not!? Those mustaches look super cute! The little and silly props totally fit the occasion! Everyone totally rocked the props, and looked super cool doing it!



Nothing could be more fun at this event like the teachers getting in the booth to take some fun pictures too! These amazing teachers are a huge part of these kids learning and development! Lots of love, happiness and thanks should go towards these teachers!!!!!! You go Gurls!


Haha these kids are super cute making their funny faces! Awe we love seeing happy parents and kids inside the booth!



Lovely little girls all dressed up in the booth! You look like super cool rocking princesses with BRAINS! Keep on rocking!

Thank you to the MerryHill Pocket School for having us at your Graduation, we felt so welcome! Everybody was so much fun and fun to be around! Thanks to all those who got into the booth and had a blast! Giggle and Riot had such a great time! Good luck to all the little ones moving on in life! Here is just a little step to a great life! All the best!

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