Open Air Photo Booth

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We call him Atticus because he is just that nifty! Atticus is a completely open photo booth unit that is completely customizable. You can fit as many people in there as we have room and watch the craziness in the booth get louder than the dancefloor. Let your guests flex their creative muscle in front of our cameras. High quality images and almost instant prints: a pro photo studio in disguise! You interact with a touch screen display. When you step in front of the photo booth, you will see a live video preview of what your photo will look like. Tap the screen and the camera will get to work! We will even put your event name and brand on the print, pretty and custom designed by our staff designer! Want something different and completely unique? Let’s chat, the possibilities are endless.

Go ahead, get a Giggle and Riot Funbooth and we will rock your world!

vertical pic of atticus


We have packages starting at 2 hours, although typically most of our clients go all out for 4 fun filled hours of photo booth amazingness! Aside from a karmic star on the walk of universal and eternal fabulosity, all our basic package includes:

3 Photos/Session

Fun Attendant

Standard Backdrop

Black and White Photos

Color Photos

Setup and Teardown

Online Gallery

Graphic on Prints

Fun Props

Photos on USB

Password Optional

Double Prints


Idle Curtain

Privacy Curtain

Outdoor Package

Unlimited Prints

Additional Hour

Red Carpet

Personalize Your Booth!

Prints, prints, hear all about it!

We can personalize your photo print with your names and colors. The sky is the limit! Our top notch graphic designers will knock out a layout that would make you squeal with delight! We can even made our prints to look like Instagram. Insta cooleness!


Oh yeah, we have more backdrops than a crazy cat lady has cats! No kidding! Our last count was 90! These are just a very small sampling of what we have in stock for you. From social events, corporate parties, to weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and more, you’ll find just the perfect look to match that fine taste of yours.


I mean, have you seen our prop stash? It’s like a Halloween store on steroids over here!! We have props that will seriously knock your socks off. And if you want custom props, we do that too!! We are ready with our scissors. It’s DIY heaven over here! Head over to our backdrops page to see all the funtastic options!


Oh yes, it get’s even better! Let’s take your booth up a notch and pick a theme for it! From your backdrop to your props, we will make sure that it’s all cohesive. Your friends will be so impressed! We have lots of ready picked themes for you to choose from, so head over to our Themes page to see all your options.

Add On’s

Want to know what the coolest and newest this is in photo booths? Cuz we got it! From animated gifs to spizzy lapel buttons and magnets to go on your fridge, you didn’t even know what was possible! We got you covered you can razzle, dazzle your guests. Let’s take this party and knock it out of the park! In fact, chat with us and we will help you put together the awesomest party in town!


Black and White


Chalkboard Style


Coffeetable Book

Corporate Branding

Custom Backdrop

Custom Layout

Custom Props

Custom Theme

Gif Overlay


Graffiti Wall

Green Screen

Green Screen Choice


Green Screen Gif


Live Painting


Overlay Choice


Photo Wall


Social Media Kiosk

Second Monitor


Step and Repeat

Slideshow Projector



Black and White


Chalkboard Style

Get Your Very Own Funbooth

I’m sold, I want to add a Giggle and Riot Open Air Photo Booth and I know my party will be oh so funtabulous! Get me a modern and sexy photo booths with my very own jaw dropping backdrop, specially selected props, the newest technology, an awesome attendant, top notch customer service and all your love from the bottom of your hearts.


Case Studies

We are not just another photo booth company. What gives us thrills is working with clients on special photo booth experiences and activations. Over the years, we are blessed to have executed some of the most fun photo booth experiences, so we just felt the need to show off some of our best case studies to show off just some of the tricks we have up our sleeves!


Corporate Party

Ragnarok Online Wedding

Rehearsal Dinner

La Tavola

Lilly Pulitzer Birthday

Live Painting

Photo Wall


We only want you to succeed, so the team here at Giggle and Riot set up some guides just for you! All our guides and tools are also listed on the Resources page for your convenience and if you don’t find what you need, feel free to email us at Giggle and Riot.

Setup Guide

Photoshop Templates

Success Guide

Style Guide