Stepping Stone Fundraiser




Welcome to the May Masquerade Gala!

This event was filled with masquerade madness!  The ‘Masquerade’ is one of the most elegant, exciting and imaginative themes you can have. It brings mystery, giving the mask wearer more self confidence to shine on your night by ‘hiding’ behind your mask.

Sacramento Funbooths

Quite the party filled with magic, mystery and lots of fun.  We love the mystery and romance brought together with masquerade masks.


Teehee! The masks look so amazing and make all our lovely guests quite mysterious and elegant.


No better match than masquerade masks and golden mustaches!

Thank you to all the amazing guests and our lovely host for allowing us to make memories for your event.


We think this awesome occasion was filled with a little bit of romance and glamour and lots of personality. Thanks to all the amazing guests for making this event  such an amazing event.



Can’t be a real ball without our lovely and amazing rock stars

Stepping Stone is an alcohol and drug treatment program that is open to any female age 18 or older who has an admitted alcohol problem or wishes to stop drinking, regardless of race, creed, color, religion, ethnic background, nationality, or sexual orientation. The program is specifically designed for working women, and residents spend at least 32 hours per week in work, volunteer, or educational activities.

Founded in 1962, Stepping Stone is the oldest alcohol and drug recovery program for women in Northern California. A residential program designed specifically for working women, Stepping Stone provides a secure and structured living environment and a variety of programs geared toward recovery from substance abuse and movement toward a productive and satisfying life of sobriety. The program is grounded in the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), and many elements of Stepping Stone programs reflect the AA philosophy including attention to individual responsibility and accountability, the establishment and maintenance of healthy relationships, and program elements designed to foster personal and interpersonal integrity.


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