Josh and Heidi Wedding



Another beautiful wedding! This down south country wedding was really lovely and lots of fun! The horse masks and other fun props fit the theme so well! Take a look at all the amazing smiles and all the fun that everyone had at Josh and Heidi’s wedding!


YEEHAW! These country kids totally know how to ride these fancy ponies!

One of the most beautiful things in the world is bringing together two people who love each other very much! As much we love the sensual and loving pictures of the bride and groom before and during the wedding! The real party begins after dinner when the booth comes out and everyone jumps in


Everyone had the best time inside the booth! They truly showed us what the wild, wild west looks like! Thanks to all the amazing westerners for showing us how to hoedown!


The wedding could not be complete without the family, friends and other guests! Everybody always has a such a kick-butt time in the booth and we are so glad that we can be there to experience it! Thanks to Josh and Heidi for coming to us to help make this wedding event a wonderful event!


Howdy there partners!! The beautiful bride and her lovely ladies totally know how to ride!

Weddings are one the most, if not the number one! Most romantic time  in this day and age! The best part about the photo booth, is we capture the very best happy and silly faces everybody makes after that time is over! We love to see the happiness that overcomes those inside the booth!


Thanks to Josh and Heidi for having us at your wedding! We had a lovely time!

Congratulations to the beautiful and happy couple Josh and Heidi, all the best luck from Giggle and Riot!


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