Prom is here once again!


Prom is one of the most eventful times in a teens school life, it means that their high school life is coming to a close, and the time to move on with their life has come.



As sad as is it to move on Prom is the best time to have the last hooray! With all of your friends and classmates and teachers! Its a time to dance and have fun before everyone goes off into the world, whether that is college or into the workforce or travelling it is the time to spend with those you are close with.




Its always fun to see young people getting into the booth and having a great time with their friends and using the fun props to make the photos even more fun!


The theme of a casino was a total success, everyone looked and matched with the props and the gorgeous and glittery back drop.


We are so glad that we could capture all of the pictures that these amazing kids can take with them once they leave the high school walls! With the amazing photos they took, they can take the photos anywhere and everywhere and remember this amazing night they had full of fun, laughs, love and friendships.


These awesome kids and were so much fun to work with! All of the students looked so very lovely this evening and we were so honored to help create memories that will last a life time!


Haha look at these show stoppers! Ready to take on the world?



Wishing the Class of 2014 the best! Thank you for making your prom in our photo booth fantastic and amazing! We hope you take all these memories in the form of pictures everywhere you go until you all meet again one day!


Thank you to all the students who climbed into the booth with all their friends, classmates and peers. We also would like to thank all the  C.K. McClatchy High school for having Giggle and Riot capture a rocking night!


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