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Looking Ahead At Hybrid Events

Aug 26, 2020

We Don’t Call It Pivoting, We Call It Evolving

Daydreaming about how to fit in a Giggle and Riot Funbooth into your next hybrid event or micro-wedding? Us too! All of our eyes are on the future of the events industry – we’re here to give you some reassurance on how we are going to make it through this!  As the world has shifted to virtual and hybrid gatherings, many of us are breaking new ground with innovative ideas and creative projects. Problem solving and ingenuity have been put to the test. Event planning, creation, and coordination have entered a new and unfamiliar frontier.

And all of your hard work is paying off – Did you know that event attendances are up?

Virtual events have created new opportunities without borders. Companies and brands can engage with new audiences and provide entirely unique experiences to their customers. Local businesses can become international businesses, just like us. We now work with companies all across the country to design custom virtual photobooths. We have been given the rare opportunity to showcase all that Giggle & Riot can do – white-label designing, brand customization, audience engagement, boosting morale, making you smile, and most importantly, bringing some fun to your event. Our team of creative problem solvers has worked hard to diversify our company into a photo booth experience that you can take anywhere.

a group of people pose for a photo booth with props

Hybrid Events in The Future

Even when the pandemic is controlled, most large corporate events and conventions will be a hybrid. We will become comfortable with the new normal because the world is learning how to function and behave in a new way. Many of us have created new habits, and likely new products or services. We adapt, because we have to and because we have the strength to do so.

While the virtual event world will become more robust and developed, there will still be a demand for in-person events. They may be more exclusive or reserved to an elite group of attendees (think couture). Fortunately, many brands will strive for a hybrid event model and we will all have products and the technology to serve both in-person and virtual events. At this day and age, a business has to be innovative and be able to quickly adapt to the changing landscape of technology and events, while continuing to be on the forefront.

As events change, as in-person events become more unique and experiential – and as virtual events become more innovative, it will all require a team of differently skilled individuals offering expertise in their own fields. It will be more important than ever to be able to work seamlessly within a team, each bringing their own unique skills and performing as one unit. We have always believed in working as a team and having a unified front for our clients. Trust that we are experienced team players and cannot wait to work on concepts with you.

four brides pose for a photo booth with a blue frame that says heck yeah just got married


Coordinating Hybrid Events With Us

Our team has developed new techniques for brand development and marketing with our virtual photobooth. We have modified our existing services to meet the needs of our clients with our touchless feature and our live streaming. We introduced new products and options to our clientele with the Giggle Squad. Our brand has expanded, and we cannot wait to step into the future of events with you.

We refused to be stagnant, it’s just not in our nature. We continue to be inspired by our industry’s willingness to adapt. Our network is filled with hard workers, dreamers, artists, creatives, and savvy business owners. We don’t call it pivoting. We call it innovating and evolving. We call it living.

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