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Breaking Virtual Event Fatigue

Oct 2, 2020

We may be photo booth masters, but we are also event professionals that have devoted years of work to creating fun! So many of our clients are looking for creative ways to break the virtual event fatigue. We’re here to share some tips and food for thought on how to maximize your virtual events and keep your guests engaged!

5 people hold emoji photo booth props over their faces

Reinventing The Event Space

Try making the 2-D more 3-D! If there’s one thing we have learned about events in 2020, it’s that virtual events have to recreate and in-person space as much as possible. Consider designing “rooms” in your event space – this can be done through breakout video rooms in your webinar, themed webpages on your event website, or even through augmented realities that guide guests to different rooms. This gives people options to explore the space on their own, much like they would at an in-person event!

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Staying Connected

We are all working hard to stay connected despite being apart. One of the best ways to stay unified is to be represented under one umbrella event! Virtual photo booths are the best option for finding new fun and shared smiles outside of the zoom screen! And its even great if your online broadcast is missing face-to-face interaction. You can embed our online gallery to your event website so everyone can see the smiling faces of their fellow event attendees! See how The National Hemophilia Foundation set up their virtual fundraiser space (with our virtual photo booth link on the right hand side!):

screen shot of a virtual fundrasier webpage

Fostering Fun

Ever thought of breaking the conference flow with some fun experiences or acts? There are so many virtual games and ice breaker options available to bring variety to the virtual event. We got the awesome opportunity to design a virtual photo booth for Entire Productions’ Variety Show! This monthly broadcast showcases different artists, businesses, performers, and event professionals around California – and its fun.

woman smiles with peace sign in virtual photo booth

Weddings and parties have stopped, social gatherings are limited, and we are all finding new ways to celebrate from afar. Virtual event fatigue is real – we know! And it’s okay. We’re here to help bring some fun to you & your guests with rad virtual photo booths, custom design, and stellar event collaboration. 2020 is unfamiliar, but we got this.

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