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Top 5 reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding

Mar 28, 2022

You’re getting married. Yay! Have you ever thought of having a photo booth at your wedding? If not, here are five reasons why you should consider having one. 

At a wedding, everybody’s looking to have the best time ever. Not just the couple tying the knot together but the guests are there to eat their fill of cake and desserts, dance the night away in their best dress, and then snap all the pics as they do so.

So what if you could give them an option to take even more photos? And not just any pics—we’re talking about funtastic, goofy, totally-memorable kinds of photos that will make them smile for years to come. Because when you think about it, there’s nothing more fun than getting your picture taken with your friends, and seeing how silly you all look together.

Sure, you could try to strike up a conversation with someone who knows no one else at the event, but what are you going to talk about? Your jobs? Your families? I don’t know about you, but I’d rather just make faces at the camera while my friend snaps pictures of us.

That’s why we think you should consider getting a photo booth for your wedding. Sure, you’ll be taking tons of pics with your photographer already (and we can surely do it for you as well), but your guests will want to take their candid shots with each other and post them on Instagram too.

If you’re still not convinced, here are five reasons why a photo booth is a must-have at your wedding:

You can get photos all through the night after your photographer leaves

Physical Photos

You’ve read this right. Weddings are sacred and are a once-in-a-lifetime event that’s why we want it to memorable. Photo booths are all the rage these days, and we think it’s because they’re just so much fun! You and your guests will love posing for solo shots and group selfies, and they’ll be able to go home with physical copies of their favorite pictures. Plus, you’ll get a digital copy of every single photo taken in your photo booth. That means you can get as many photos of your guests busting out their best dance moves as you want!

Get all the family photos – especially if you have out of town families

Family photos

It’s pretty sentimental – especially after your loved ones attended your big day. It can’t be helped that some of our families live out of town, far from the event itself – but hey, that’s the great thing about a photo booth. It creates physical copies of the images you took during and after the wedding. And the advantage of it is it’s something you can always keep and look at from time to time. So if you feel lonely or missing someone, just look at it and you’ll be able to reminisce about all the fun things.

Surprise your fiance with a photo booth that has a theme they love. For example, sports/SF giants for your guy or Harry potter theme for your bride

Themed photo booth

Another reason why photo booths can take your wedding to the next level is you can get all the fun of a photo booth—including those sweet, fun photos—but you’ll also get props and backdrops that are curated to fit your wedding theme or any theme you’d like. You can book these for as little or as long as you’d like (although your guests will want them there forever).

Entertainment all night for everyone in the photo booth and for those  watching the fun booth 

Entertainment photo booth

Keep the wedding party going with a photo booth where your guests can take as many selfies and group shots as they want. Everyone loves having their picture taken, and they’ll love having a copy to take home. They’re great for weddings, birthdays, and even corporate events!

You could even set up a backdrop with props that reflects the theme of your event—for instance, if you’re throwing a tropical-themed birthday party, you could use a beach background and provide summertime hats and sunglasses for your guests to wear in their pictures.

Those party pics where everyone is sweaty and red-faced, dancing like crazy and having the time of their lives? Those are the ones you want to show your friends. They’re the ones that represent who you are—not just in your formalwear and finery, but in your natural element.

Fun “blackmail” photo booth photos of your friends 

fun blackmail photo booth photo

Lastly, the sweet revenge. With all the fun that happened on the booth, it’s inevitable not to have some epic shots. It’s a great “blackmail” for your friends in the future because even they tell you “Nah, we didn’t get the physical copy of that.” – oops, may I remind you that we also have the digital copy of the images. And there my friend, is how you take sweet revenge. 

Convinced yet? There are a lot of reasons why a photo booth can upgrade your wedding. And if these 5 reasons haven’t convinced you yet, well – you’re missing the fun things in life. Weddings are romantic, sacred and are a once-in-a-lifetime event. You wouldn’t want to miss out on something that can take you back to this lovely event in the future. 


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